• Novio+Tubo verde

The National Park of Gargano is a unique and wonderful land kissed by the sun and touched by the sea where the olive trees find their ideal environment. The rocky soil, the closeness of the sea and the warm Mediterranean temperature are the elements that make oil, a true gift of nature, the “Gold of the Earth.

Novio oil packaging is both original and elegant as the line of the glass bottle, “Olivella” ® , reproduces the shape of an olive. That is why Novio bottle is more than an ordinary bottle, but an elegant and refined object that can decorate the table


A wonderful golden green coat with a thick density, a cornucopia of sensations for the nose, filled with the aromas of green olives, tomato, celery and pepper with a fresh touch of green apple and wild herbs. Elegant and balanced with a great density, it enchants with rich fruity aromas and a slightly hot aftertaste. Harvested in november after the olives have turned a dark colour. Continuous pressing. Excellent ingredients for dressing raw vegetables.

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