Vodka Bellissima


From the raw material to spirit: distillation
This artisan Vodka is made from the distillation of Red Delicious apples, a variety that is cultivated throughout the historical region of Romagna. The apples are harvested at just the right degree of ripeness. First they are washed and then finely chopped repeatedly until obtaining a “puree”, which after being left to ferment, is distilled in an alembic still using a bain-marie system. A completely pure and clear liquid is obtained in the subsequent distillation stages, with an alcohol content of 96% abv.


A gift of Nature: water from Fontanafredda in the Colli Euganei Regional Park
Vodka produced in this way is mixed with spring water from Fontanafredda, a district in the municipality of Cinto Euganeo. This ground water from the Euganean Hills passes through various layers of limestone, becoming enriched with mineral salts yet maintaining a low fixed residue (<50 mg/l).




DISTILLATION: Traditional discontinuous bain-marie system under vacuum “soft”
cl 100 case with 3 bottles
cl 100 case with 3 bottles in box
cl 175 case with 1 bottle

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