• Glera piccola

The grappa inside this bottle was obtained through the discontinuous distillation of Glera grape marc in an alembic still, using a bain-marie system. As well as being used to produce the now well-known and prized Prosecco, this grape variety is also used for the lesser known, yet no less renowned, Serprino wine, which is typical of the Euganean Hills area. This grappa lends itself very well to aging. It is aged in Limousin and Allier oak barriques, softwoods with average porosity that makes the grappa particularly round and smooth. An elegant nose with scents of vanilla, tobacco, sweet spice and rich notes of jam. It is harmonious on the palate, with a persistent elegant and fragrant aftertaste. A meditation grappa.

GRAPES: Euganean Hills Glera variety

DISTILLATION: Traditional discontinuous bain-marie system under vacuum “soft”



AGING: Limousine and Alliers barrels

PACKAGING: case with 6 bottles/case with 3 bottles in wood box

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