• Amosca╠Ç piccola

The grappa inside this bottle was obtained through the discontinuous distillation of Moscato Fior d’Arancio and Moscato Bianco dei Colli Euganei grape marc in an alembic still, using a bain-marie system.
It is then aged in Limousin and Allier oak barriques, producing a smooth grappa with unique finesse and giving it a characteristic dark amber colour. The name Amoscà derives from the term in Venetian dialect “ammoscare”, which in the past referred to the process that several Venetian winemakers used to render an originally insipid and light-bodied wine more perfumed and full-bodied, by adding small quantities of Moscato wine.
An extremely elegant and decisive nose, accentuated with aromatic scents (Moscato), citrus fruit, syrupped fruit (apricot), vanilla and sweet spicy notes. Harmonious, elegant, rich in aromas.
A meditation grappa.

GRAPES: Euganean Hills Moscato bianco and Moscato Fior d’Arancio variety

DISTILLATION: Traditional discontinuous bain-marie system under vacuum “soft”



AGING: Limousine and Alliers barrels

PACKAGING: case with 6 bottles case with 3 bottles in wood box

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